The membership of organisations and individuals

REN Membership

The success and effectiveness of REN as an umbrella organisation relies on the commitment, dedication and solidarity of its members.
We offer membership to both individuals and organisations, to ensure that anyone who is passionate about supporting REN’s aims and objectives has the opportunity to demonstrate this.

Expectations of REN members include a commitment to tackling racial inequality, supporting REN projects in whichever way they can, and support in promoting REN’s work. In return, REN will ensure for its members access to funding opportunities, access to information and resources, and the opportunity to serve on the REN Board amongst other exciting prospects. 

The most important mutual benefit is the pledge of both REN and its members to further the cause of racial equality across the communities of Bradford and District.

Become a Member

Every new REN member is a step in the right direction to achieving our shared vision for the communities we support.

Frequent Questions

Membership of REN is open to any individual or organisation dedicated to the pursuit of race equality and promoting good community relations.


Please download and complete our membership form and return it to, or send it to Race Equality Network, Grange Interlink Centre, Summerville Road, BD7 1PX. All applications are then reviewed by the REN Board.