General Statement of Intent

The promotion of equal opportunities and the elimination of discrimination, injustice and inequality is central to the role of the REN. The REN undertakes to ensure that all Board Members, Staff and Volunteers within the organisation adhere to the principles enshrined in this statement and will aim to promote these principles to other bodies during the delivery of REN’s objectives.


  1. All Citizens within the District that come into contact with us will be treated with full respect and dignity irrespective of their colour, race, religion, language, class, culture, social standing, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, income level or any other limitation which places them at a disadvantage over others
  2. All members of the community shall be entitled to receive a high standard of service from this organisation. We will ensure that no one is excluded unfairly from receiving good quality services.


  1. We will operate an equal opportunities procedure in the recruitment of employees, volunteers and Board Members and ensure that no one is disadvantaged when applying to work for the organisation either in a paid or an unpaid capacity or in wanting to access training opportunities whilst in the employment of the REN whether in a paid or unpaid capacity.
  2. We will ensure that REN members promote and operate as equal opportunities employers and service providers and will provide guidance, advice, support and training to members in this field.
  3. We will work and co-operate with our partners and others in ensuring that equal opportunities is promoted within all organisations in the district.
  4. We will ensure that all cultures and traditions are respected and allowed to flourish in a community atmosphere that takes pride in diversity.
  5. We will ensure that the black and ethnic minority voluntary sector and the black and ethnic minority communities are supported towards achieving equality for themselves and others. Particular attention will be paid to those within these communities that also face further discrimination due to their gender, disability, poverty level, class, age, background, religion, race etc. We will seek to reduce or eliminate disadvantage wherever possible for these groups by working with other agencies and influencing policies, procedures and practices within institutions.