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Leading the Charge Against Racial Inequality

We were at the forefront of co-designing the Root Out Racism campaign, which was developed by the West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership following their review of tackling health inequalities. This initiative aimed to address and combat racism within the health and care sector and beyond.

Collaborative Efforts for a Common Goal

Our work on this campaign involved close collaboration with key stakeholders, including Bradford Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust, Bradford Council, VCSE organisations, and other partners. Together, we successfully launched the campaign in August 2021. The launch saw the participation of hundreds of individuals from across the Bradford district, united in their commitment to rooting out racism.

Widespread Commitment to Change

Since the launch, over 500 organisations have made a pledge to tackle racism, demonstrating the broad and impactful reach of the campaign. This collective commitment underscores the importance of united efforts in addressing racial inequalities and fostering an inclusive community.

Ongoing Support and Advocacy

The success of the Root Out Racism campaign led to the formation of a working group dedicated to sustaining and advancing the campaign’s goals within the Bradford district. REN is a proud member of this group, continuing to champion and support the campaign in every aspect of our service delivery.

Through our ongoing efforts, we remain committed to promoting racial equality, challenging discriminatory practices, and ensuring that the principles of the Root Out Racism campaign are embedded in the fabric of our community.

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