Making Organisations More Inclusive

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Enhancing Understanding and Addressing Racial Inequality

This comprehensive training programme is designed to equip organisations with the knowledge and understanding necessary to address racial inequality. It delves into the reasons why racial inequality exists and examines its impact on ethnically diverse communities. Participants will gain a deeper comprehension of the systemic nature of racism and the various forms it can take within the workplace.

Building Confidence for Crucial Conversations

A key objective of this training is to increase attendees’ confidence in engaging in discussions about racism and inequalities. By providing a safe and supportive environment, participants can practice and refine their skills in addressing these sensitive topics. This enhanced confidence will enable them to contribute to a more inclusive and open organisational culture.

Equipping with Practical Tools and Strategies

Attendees will be provided with practical tools and strategies to support colleagues or volunteers who may encounter everyday racism or unconscious bias. This includes techniques for recognising and challenging discriminatory behaviour, as well as methods for promoting equality and inclusion within the workplace. The training aims to empower participants to become proactive advocates for change, ensuring that their organisations are welcoming and supportive for all.

Through this training programme, organisations will be better prepared to understand and address the complexities of racial inequality, ultimately leading to more inclusive and equitable workplaces.

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