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Empowering Schools to Foster Understanding and Action

The Anti-Racism Training programme, provided by REN, works with schools to enable pupils of all ages to understand and explore race and racism in an open and safe environment. This training is designed to engage children in a variety of activities and discussions, helping them to recognise the importance of diversity and learn how to combat racism.

Key Components of the Training:

  • Exploring Identity and Traits: Pupils will engage in activities that help them explore the traits that make up their identity. They will learn to appreciate their unique characteristics as well as recognise what they have in common with others.
  • Celebrating Similarities and Differences: Through interactive sessions, children will celebrate both the similarities and differences among themselves and their peers. This fosters an environment of mutual respect and understanding.
  • Understanding Race and Racism: The training will provide age-appropriate explanations of race and racism, helping pupils understand the impact of racism on individuals and communities. It will also cover historical and contemporary examples of racism to provide context.
  • Tackling Racism: Pupils will learn practical strategies for standing up against racism. This includes recognising racist behaviour, understanding the importance of allyship, and knowing how to seek help or support when needed.
  • Creating a Safe Space for Dialogue: The programme ensures that discussions are conducted in a safe and supportive environment, encouraging pupils to express their thoughts and feelings openly. This helps in building a school culture where diversity is valued and discrimination is actively challenged.

By the end of this training, pupils will have a better understanding of race and racism, be more empathetic towards others, and be equipped with the tools to contribute to an inclusive and respectful school environment.

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