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Engaging the Community During the Covid-19 Pandemic

As part of the Covid Community Champions project, the Race Equality Network (REN) played a pivotal role in developing Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions. These sessions were designed to facilitate direct engagement between the public and clinicians, allowing individuals to ask questions and receive accurate information about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Key Features of the Q&A Sessions:

  • Direct Access to Clinicians: The sessions provided a unique opportunity for community members to speak directly with healthcare professionals. This direct line of communication helped dispel myths and misinformation about the vaccines.
  • Community Engagement: By involving local communities in these discussions, REN ensured that the information was accessible and relevant to diverse audiences. The sessions were tailored to address the specific concerns and questions of ethnically diverse communities.
  • Successful Communication Model: The success of these sessions was evident in the high levels of participation and positive feedback from attendees. The format proved so effective that it was adopted nationally and recognised as a successful method of communication for reaching ethnically diverse communities.

National Recognition and Impact:

The innovative approach of the Q&A sessions not only fostered trust and transparency but also enhanced vaccine uptake within the community. The national rollout of this format underscores its effectiveness in addressing public health concerns in a culturally sensitive and inclusive manner.

REN’s contribution to the Covid Community Champions project highlights the importance of community-led initiatives in public health efforts, particularly in ensuring that accurate information reaches all segments of the population.

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