Carers Week and Message in a Bottle Campaign

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Supporting Ethnically Diverse Unpaid Carers

During Carers Week 2022, the Race Equality Network (REN) collaborated with the West Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership to deliver and host a series of online webinars. The goal was to identify and address the support needs of ethnically diverse unpaid carers, both from their employers and other support services.

Key Initiatives:

  • Online Webinars: REN organised webinars to facilitate discussions on the specific challenges faced by unpaid carers from diverse backgrounds. These sessions aimed to highlight the gaps in support and propose solutions to better assist these carers.
  • Multilingual Resources: To ensure accessibility, REN produced videos in seven community languages and in British Sign Language. These videos underscored the significance of the campaign and provided valuable information to a wider audience.
  • Message in a Bottle Campaign: This social media campaign complemented the webinars by raising awareness about the issues faced by unpaid carers and advocating for improved support systems. The campaign’s innovative approach garnered positive feedback and helped drive change.

Impact and Outcomes:

The feedback from the webinars and the ‘Message in a Bottle’ campaign played a crucial role in shaping better systems and processes to support unpaid carers across West Yorkshire. By addressing the unique needs of ethnically diverse carers, REN continues to advocate for more inclusive and effective support services.

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